The treatment for pregnant women is a little different than the treatment before and after your baby arrives.  As soon as you are unable to lie on your belly, we’ll begin side lying myofascial release therapy (similar to deep tissue massage).   The adjustments to your spine will be modified to make them comfortable for your body.

Silvia’s Review of Tranquility Chiropractic Studio

Silvia and Baby Elliot

I am a patient at Tranquility Chiropractic Studio and the mother of two awesome healthy boys.

During my second pregnancy I suffered from HG (hyperemesis gravidarum), which caused me a lot of stress. I also suffered severe back and neck pain. As it is natural in pregnancy, my lower back was curving and my hips were shifting to compensate the weight of my growing belly.

Since I had received chiropractic care awhile back, I knew that this was a natural option to obtain relief for all the discomfort that I was dealing with. I sought the professional chiropractic care of Dr. Funk since the second trimester, and continued under her care after the delivery.

With the combination of therapeutic massage and adjustment techniques designed for pregnant women, Dr. Funk was able to relieve the pressure on my nerves, muscles, and bones of my spine. Also, by adjusting my hips she helped me to establish better balance. The therapeutic massage was very helpful in relieving my stress and anxiety, and improving circulation, during and after the pregnancy.

Dr. Funk is very professional and caring, she listens to her patient’s needs, addresses their concerns and provides them with a relaxing environment, and a full hour of her dedicated attention in every appointment. – Silvia