Mobilization of the neck helps to free up joint restriction and reduce stiffness, and it feels great, too!

Mobilization is the gentle movement of the joint through its normal range of motion.  Mobilization is naturally included in every treatment, but will be used more specifically for patients who can not tolerate or request not to receive spinal manipulation.  Patients who have bone loss, acute joint trauma from car accidents, and other conditions that can not tolerate joint manipulation can tolerate this safe, effective and very gentle technique.

Everyone can tolerate mobilization! If you can not receive spinal manipulation or if the idea of manipulation scares you, mobilization is an excellent replacement option to restore your joint mobility and function.

RAVE REVIEW: I came to Dr. Funk after a head injury that caused pain and very little movement in my neck and back. I was amazed after 2 months of treatment I now have full mobility and minimal pain. She really cares about her patients. One of a kind! I highly recommend her!Debra (written on January 26, 2011)