Don’t let pain keep you from being your best at work, enjoying time with your children, or playing your weekend golf game!

Our services provide pain relief, improved range of motion and joint function, restoration of muscular balance and normal posture.  Most patients have pain due to injury, poor posture, and stress.  Regardless of the mechanism of injury, you will find a balance between our services will provide you with the relief you need to return to work and your normal activities of living.

Dr. Funk uses heat, myofasical release (similar to a deep tissue massage), and stretching to relax your muscles. Afterward, she will use spinal manipulation (also know as, an adjustment) to restore joint function and postural alignment so you can get back to doing the things you love in no time.   Anyone who does not want to be adjusted will have mobilization instead. Once you have finished your treatment at our office, you can expect to have improved range of motion, better joint and muscle health, and reduced pain, muscle aches, and headaches!

RAVE REVIEW: Having dealt with chronic back pain my entire life, and having attempted numerous types of unsuccessful treatments in the past, I was thoroughly impressed by the care Dr. Funk provided.

As a medical student with constant exposure to medical professionals I was impressed by the amount of time Dr. Funk spent on providing me the tools with which to take a proactive approach to my treatment. She gave me a full understanding of what was physically causing my pain. She not only provided short-term care via adjustment and massage, but also put together a tailor-made system of positions and stretches that enable me to maintain her treatments and alleviate discomfort when I’m at home or studying.

Overall, a phenomenal experience! I will continue to see Dr. Funk despite my residence in Houston. Recommend her to anyone looking for personal and exceptional service! –Nicole B (written on November 27, 2008)