Questions and Answers

So you have questions about Tranquility Chiropractic Studio?  Wonderful!  Many of your questions will be answered here.  If you can not find your question, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Funk to learn more!

Should I see a chiropractor or a medical doctor? Many potential patients have questions about whether they have a condition that can be helped a chiropractor.  Chiropractic care has increased in its credibility and popularity over the years.  Today Dr. Funk integrates chiropractic services with medical doctors, physical therapists, massages therapists, etc.  “I want patients to be confident that they will get the care they deserve”, she states.  “As a chiropractor, I have been trained when is it appropriate to treat using chiropractic care and when is it necessary to refer out.”

Dr. Funk suggests that if you are experiencing any of the conditions listed below, then you should call to make an appointment for a new patient exam.  If you are a chiropractic candidate, then treatment will start immediately.  If you not a candidate, Dr. Funk will help you find the best provider for your specific condition.

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and Pain
  • Suboccipital Headaches and Neuralgia
  • Tension-Type Headaches
  • Chronic Muscle Tension
  • Auto injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Pain and/or numbness and tingling in extremities

Is chiropractic care safe? Dr. Funk understands that many patients are nervous about being adjusted.  “Being nervous on your first visit is normal.  If you have never been adjusted, no worries.  Chiropractic manipulation (adjustments) are pain-free, safe, and effective,” states Dr. Funk.  “After the first adjustment, I always ask if the patient felt any pain.  It is extremely rare that I hear yes.  I find after manipulation that most first-time patients felt they were more  nervous about the “popping” sound and they never felt any pain during the process.    Learn more about manipulation and the “popping” sound you hear when you are adjusted, click here.

Do you accept my insurance? Tranquility Chiropractic Studio is in-network with several major insurances.  Currently we accept Flex Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, BCBS, United Health Care, PHCS/Multiplan, Great-West Healthcare, Golden Rule, GE Wellness Plan, Principle Life Insurance Co, Health Allies, Reseve National, Medical Resource, LLC, Secure Horizens, PacifiCare Health Systems, Premera Blue Cross, Cypress Care, Universal SmartComp, Align Networks, Inc.

How much will treatment cost? For Patients with Insurance: I’ve got great news! Most major insurances cover chiropractic care! For patients with insurance coverage, the exact costs will not be determined until your first visit (unless you call your insurance plan before hand to check your covered chiropractic benefits).  Insurance patients will be charged according to your benefit plan.  For Cash Paying Patients: Good News!  You’ll get a 25% discount for paying at the time of service! Patients who pay cash at the day of service, have no insurance, or who have an insurance plan that Dr. Funk is  is in or out-of-network with no chiropractic benfits, you will be charged accourding to our Time of Service “Cash” Price.  Prices can be found by clicking on our Form, Insurance, & Costs tab.

How long does treatment take? Just like exercise and going to the gym takes time to get results, chiropractic care requires time and dedication.  It is important to understand that every person heals at a different rate.  On average Dr. Funk finds that muscular pain (sprain/strain injuries, minor pain, muscle tension, etc.) requires 6-8 weeks for full healing.  “I find that most patients find they have greatly reduced pain levels after the first 2-3 weeks.  The last half of treatment is then focused on restoring joint function and correcting range of motion.”

Ligamentous and disc problem require more time and typically take 3-4 months.  “Unlike our muscles and other connective tissues, our ligaments and vertebral disc have a limited blood supply.  Less blood supply mean longer healing times”, explains Dr. Funk.  Many other factors can slow the healing process: diabetes, poor circulation, immune disorders, certain medications, poor nutrition, extreme stress and anxiety, and much more.  If you any of the conditions listed apply to you, please expect a longer healing time, as your body requires additional time and nutrients to produces the results you desire.

I was involved in a car accident, can chiropractic care help? Absolutely!  Most individuals who have experienced a motor vehicle accident are familiar with the pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness that last for weeks.  Chiropractic care reduces the inflammatory process, reduces pain, and aids the proper production of collegan.

Is it safe to use chiropractic while pregnant? Yes!  Both the American Pregnancy Association and WebMD advocate that chiropractic care can help with pregnancy back pain.  Dr. Funk will modify your treatment to make sure you are safe and comfortable durning your treatment.  Read here about your treatment while pregnant.  Read here to learn more about how chiropractic care can help back pain and sciatica.

If the body heals itself, why do I need to see you Dr. Funk? “It’s no secret that the body heals itself,” claims Dr. Funk.  “What makes chiropractic care necessary (instead of waiting for your body to naturally heal itself), is that chiropractic treatment aids the body in producing collagen that is deposited in a more linear fashion that more closely resemble normal tissue.”  As the body heals on its own, collagen is deposited in a haphard fashion with thickened, weakened collagen fibrils.  This promotes weakness and makes you more prone to reinjury.  For quicker, more effective recovery, chiropractic care and rehabilitation can be your saving grace.

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RAVE REVIEW: I was referred to Dr. Funk from a biking friend after I spent months dealing with some serious back aches. I went in with some very deep tissue issues as well as general misalignment. I have been to a handful ofchiropractors over the years as I have moved and tried to find one that fit here in Austin. In all of those visits, I had never left a “first appointment” truly feeling better; that is until I met Dr. Funk. She is the only doctor or therapist of any sort to truly get down to the root issue and give me lasting relief. I whole heartily recommend anyone visit Dr. Funk for any sort of neck/back issues. Just be careful, she can get deep down and make you hurt in a good way!Tyler (written on August 17, 2010)