Dr. Misty Funk is a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College.  She has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from McNeese State University.  She specializes in the treatment of injury, stress and posture related musculoskeletal disorders and pain.   Her own personal experience with chronic tension-type headaches was the catalyst for her unique approach to chiropractic care.  She believes in combining myofascial release with manipulation and rehabilitation to correct muscular imbalance and restore normal joint function.

Dr. Funk is warm, bubbly and enthusiastic.  She loves anatomy and loves teaching each patient about what going on with their bodies.  She has a light-hearted approach to practice and laughs often.  Don’t be shocked when Dr. Funk teases you that she going to quiz you on all you’ve learned.  Luckily you won’t be graded!

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My Personal Story

When I was in undergraduate and professional school, I suffered from chronic tension-type headaches.  They first started when I was studying chemistry as an undergraduate student.  Keeping up with my insatiable ambitions and high expectations produced great amounts of stress and anxiety.  What started as an occasional headache developed into three to five days a week.  At first I took medication to alleviate my headaches, and later I discovered chiropractic care was another option for finding relief.  I started getting spinal manipulation, and to be honest, it helped a little but did not fully alleviate the problem.

While I was an intern doctor in the campus clinic at Texas Chiropractic College, I finally found a missing component. A classmate took a seminar on myofascial release therapy and came back excited to demonstrate what he learned.  In true student-style, I became his guinea pig, and he tried a headache protocol on me.  Afterward, as we had learned in school, he adjusted my neck and back.  To my surprise and delight, I didn’t have a headache after the treatment for three whole days.  I was so excited.  This was exactly what I had been looking to add to the therapies we’d learned, and it was both mentally and physically relieving.  Now I could go out into the world and work with conviction that what I offered would work to help people who were suffering from symptoms just like me.  

This experience was the inspiration for Tranquility Chiropractic Studio! I began learning more about myofascial release therapy and added as an adjunct to spinal manipulation, and my patients loved it. 

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RAVE REVIEW: Dr Misty Funk’s chiropractic treatment is the best I have ever received. I love the myofascial massage. I no longer have constant tension in my neck and shoulders. I went to see her because of migraines caused by muscle tension around my neck. Her treatments have helped tremendously. –Giselda A. (written on February 5, 2009)