Dr. Misty Funk was voted 2013 Austin A List Award Winner: BEST Chiropractor (Finalist)

Dr. Misty Funk offers expert chiropractic care in Austin, Texas. Her one-on-one patient approach to healthcare means you will get the best treatment possible. Want to become a new patient and book an appointment? Check the doctor’s availability now!

Want to know why you should choose Dr. Funk to be your chiropractor when you can choose one of the many chiropractors in town? You will get one-on-one attention from the actual doctor EVERY time you visit. Dr. Funk performs every service herself, so you are guaranteed the highest quality of care possible.

Choose her because she specializes in the treatment of neck pain, mid and lower back pain, headaches, SI joint or pelvic dysfunction, and muscle or myofascial pain.  Everything she does is hands-on (myofasical release therapy, stretching,  therapeutic exercises and manipulation) to get you better fast!  Choose her and you can be pain-free, have improved range of motion and posture, and experience a tranquil environment during the process.

Thought you’d have to live with the pain (maybe for the rest of your life)? Think Again!

Curious about what to expect at our office?  Check out our online video.

Need a few more reasons why Tranquility Chiropractic Studio, is the best choice for your chiropractic needs?

  • You want to spend more time with the doctor instead of their assistant.  Dr. Funk is proud to work one-on-one with every patient!
  • You don’t like missing work to go to doctor’s appointments.  Our Northwest Austin chiropractic clinic is conveniently open ALL DAY on Saturdays. We are also open all day on Mondays and Wednesdays and a half day on Fridays!
  • You’re concerned that going to the chiropractor involves a life-time commitment.  At Tranquility Chiropractic Studio, you will only get the treatment you need, even if it’s just one visit!
  • You’re a bit nervous about the thought of getting your spine adjusted…especially your neck!  Relax, you don’t have to worry any more! Dr. Misty Funk will use gentle, effective and pain-free adjustments to help you get well quickly!
  • You hate going into sterile medical environments that remind you of illness. Tranquility Chiropractic Studio is a relaxing, healing environment!
  • You’re pregnant and are suffering from back pain and/or sciatica. Dr. Misty Funk is a member of the American Pregnancy Association and offers safe, effective, and drug-less treatment of pregnancy  back pain.

If you want the best chiropractor in Austin Texas, give me a call at 512-788-3366.  I am here to answer your questions, to help you reduce pain and get well.  I look forward to meeting you in person at your first visit!

RAVE REVIEW: I was so pleased with my quick recovery from the treatments I received from Dr. Funk. I had such extreme lower back pain that I could barely dress myself or sit for more than ten minutes at a time. Since the pain was worse at different times of the month, my female doctor told me to use heat and take an ibuprofen. I wasn’t convinced that my back problems were something that I should just have to live with, so I went to see Dr. Funk. Read more by Kristina M (written on November 30, 2008)